Advanced Media Buying Software

PRIMEDIA Network has spent hundreds of thousands over the last 5 years to develop proprietary media buying software that allows our company to place 1000’s of client orders on 100’s of TV and radio stations nationwide each week.  And the system tracking is without question the best in the industry.  Orders to stations, email follow-up, electronic signature confirmation, spot distribution, dub house order confirmation, pre-logs, post-logs, invoices, media clearance reports, toll-analysis reports and media call reports.  All built into one powerful software that gives our company an edge over other media firms.  Simply put, without our software, other agencies can't manage a large quantity of weekly orders like we can.

TV Media Buying Software
Plug and Play TV Commercials

Plug and Play Commercials

PRIMEDIA has developed over a dozen “template” TV commercials that are plug and play for many verticals – we can run with our “generic brand” name or put in your company name into these spots.  We also removed the large TV commercial production cost barrier to entry to advertising on TV.  And the “price” is right – no charge with minimal budgets commitments. Here are the Verticals where TV commercials are already produced and can be running for you within days.

Commercial Pay Per Call

These template TV commercials are then offered to clients where they only pay for calls/leads off these commercials. This is truly “plug and play”. If you need leads now, we can literally have calls coming in your office either same day or within 48 business hours. In addition, because of our media buying power our Broadcast Pay Per Call/Lead rates are dramatically lower than other lead vendors and ALL are programs are exclusive. This means you and you only get the calls/leads you receive. This is a very strong point for companies that buy online leads or from “tree” providers that have to deal with “their” lead going to their competitors.

Pay Per Lead Programs
Low Cost Advertising

Lower Cost
Higher Profit Margin

For direct response advertisers, lower spot rates typically equate to lower CPA (cost per acquisition) The primary benefit in general/branded advertising is increased store traffic – which should lead to increased sales, therefore increased ROI. Increased ROI typically means your company makes more money -- which should equate to substantial increased profit margins. Increased profit margins mean as a business owner you put more money in your pocket or your bottom-line. Increased revenue and profits means you now have a resource/business partner that can truly help you dramatically grow your business.

Template Examples

  • Credit Card Debt Settlement
  • Dental
  • Diabetes Reversal
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • ED Treatment Centers
  • Final Expense
  • Hair Restoration
  • Health Insurance – Obamacare
  • Health Insurance – Regular
  • Hearing Aids
  • Home Improvement
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Mortgage
  • Pain Relief
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Rehab Recovery – Branded
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Mortgage
  • Stem Cell
  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Tax Resolution
  • Time Share Termination
  • Other – You Tell Us What You Have, and We Will Discuss Options

Verified Audience

Another major advantage of working with The PRIMEDIA Network is our media buyers only purchase radio and TV stations that have an AC Nielsen audited audiences – on TV this is “impressions” – the number of people watching TV in a specified time – with radio it is “cume” the total potential audience in a specified time frame – this means if a station does not have a verified audience we simply don’t buy it — so we do not purchase or offer our clients cable systems that sell on subscribers not an actual viewing audience or media like Sirius Satellite that also only sells on a subscriber based, but not an actual verified listening audience. PRIMEDIA NETWORK buyers negotiate and purchase 4 primary dayparts – this is done so we can narrow down viewing or listening audiences so we can negotiate the lowest spot rates that will produce results (we don’t buy “24/7 rotators at low rates that are misleading like our competitors do).

AC Nielsen Verified TV Audience

Professional TV Production Services

Complete TV Production services provided FREE with minimal client budget commitment



Our company will review your existing TV Commercial. If you do not have content we will research and review your competition.


After review, we will discuss the discovered improvements and write a 60 second script draft. We will discuss our approach and present you with a copy



After script approval, we move into the production stage. We record audio and present you with a 60 second video storyboard. After approval we move to the next step.


Once we are done with the production and all adjustments have been made we go live with your final content.